Aerospace Aviation Chemicals

Magnus Aviation Division has been in the Aviation Chemicals business for the past 50 years.

We are the leader in the development of Aircraft exterior and  interior cleaners, decarbonizers, form applicators, runway rubber cleaner, landing gear, wheel hubs degreaser and cleaner for the exterior fuselage for the aero space industries.

Our products are manufactured to Military specification and are approved by engines manufacturers Pratt & Whitney, G.E., Rolls-Royce, or conform to specifications.

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Other Aerospace Aviation Products

Aerospace Aviation Chemicals

50011  M 205 Paint Stripper 


Mil-R-81903 TI, CI

50012  M 206 PS Gel 


Mil-R-81294 C

50013  M 208 NTPS Gel       


Mil-R25134B, Mil-8633,
Boeing D6-17487, SP.TTR248, 251

50014  M 755 Carbon Remover Hotdip

Mil-83936 B, (USAF),
Boeing D6-17487, C 2, T 2,

50015  M 757 Runway R Remover CC

Mil-C-19853, TI,C2

50016  M 664 Engine HS Descaler 



50017  M 169 Exterior Aircraft Cln

Mil-C-87936   (USAF),
Boeing D6-17487 A

50018  M 853 Metal Conditional 


Mil-C-38334 T1,C1

50019  M 728 Landing Gear Oil & Grease Cln

(1212)  (2475)

Mil-C- 43616C T I & 2,
Boeing D6-17487, CDS-I

50020 M168   Electrical Solvent

Mil-R-81294, Boeing D6-17487